Specializing in 19th and 20th Century French Post Impressionist and Modern Art.


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Saddle River Gallery has a venerated history as the only gallery in northern New Jersey specializing in important 19th and 20th century French Impressionist paintings. Included in the gallery’s offerings is a distinctive collection of 18th – 20th century Asian porcelain and sculpture. By presenting important artwork alongside contemporary art, the gallery caters to a wide range of clients.

It is important to note that the nineteenth century has achieved an honored place in art history. It is known as a revolutionary era which resulted in the largest most varied and exciting body of art ever produced. We take pride in ensuring that important pieces undergo a thorough research process to ensure their authenticity.
A further indicator of the gallery’s confidence is demonstrated in ownership of its impressive offerings of fine art by world renowned artists.

Saddle River Gallery’s excellent reputation cultivates collectors from across the United
States and abroad. Our staff has a collective experience of over forty years with a diversified background in the Arts. We are here to assist clients by offering the highest caliber of art at the best price and providing personalized service, every client deserves. The gallery is host to special events that educate and create an accessible and welcoming environment for connoisseurship.

Saddle River Gallery offers clients the experience collecting Art with every measure of confidence.