Jacques Bouyssou











Born near Honfleur in 1926, Bouyssou became acquainted at an early age with many respected artists such as Friez, Dufy, Lagar and Leprin who were exhibitors in his fathers gallery as well as frequent guests in the family home. They became his mentors and teachers.

Although Bouyssou studied architecture at the Beaux Arts de Troyes and drawing with the sculptor Janin, it was not until he moved to Paris and studied at the Academie de la Grand Chaumiere in the studio of Othon Freiz that he began to paint.

Recognition of his talent came rapidly and in 1955 he had his first one man show in London. A year later, the grand dame of Parisian art dealers, Katia Granoff, invited him to exhibit, beginning a long relationship, during which she sponsored many one man shows. In 1968 he was a frequent exhibitor in Paris and New York.

In 1987, Bouyssou received one of the supreme compliments of his career when he was named an official painter of the French Navy. His painting is in the permanent collection of Musee de la Marine in Paris. His paintings have been acquired by numerous French and foreign museums as well as by private collectors around the world.

As art critic Mayborn said of him “he knows how to capture the passing light, how to create an atmosphere.” Superb draftsmanship, supported by clear yet sensitive and harmonious nuances of color, have brought the paintings of this noted contemporary French artist International recognition.

Since his first exhibition at the Salon de Artistes Augerons in Paris, he has exhibited in all the major French Salons, as well as in the United States, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, England, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil and Venezuela.


Honfluer / Rouen / Beyrouth / Montreal / Philadelphia / Art Moderne Paris / Menton / Musee de la Marine Paris / New York Public Library / Biblioteque / National Paris / National Maritime Museum Greenwich, G.B.


1955 – 1er prix du Salon des Bas Normands
1965 – 1er prix de Deauville
1973 – Peintre Agree au Departement de la Marine
1978 – 1er prix de Maisons Laffite, Medaille d’Or Salon de la Frette, Medaille de la Ville de Paris
1979 – Medaille du Salon des Bas Normands
1987 – Nomme peintre titularie di la Marine
1990 – Nomme Chevalier dans l’Order National de la Legion d’Honneur