Claude Weisbuch











Claude Weisbuch was born in Thionville in 1927. Winner of the “Prix de la Critique” and professor at the “Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Etienne” in 1961, the 1960’s marked the beginnings of the artist’s international recognition and major critical acclaim. Using dark tones which express his sharp sense, Weisbuch has painted active motifs, such as musicians, horses and characters.

On April 13, 2014 Claude Weisbuch died in Paris.  The Art World has lost yet another great Artist!

Weisbuch’s work is represented in various museums and numerous collections both in France and abroad.


Galerie Dietesheim, Neufchatel, 1974
Galerie Grafikhuset, Stockholm, gravures, 1974
Galerie Schwarzer, Vienna, 1975
Sotheby-Parke Benett, Munich, 1975
Galerie Herve Odermatt, Paris, 1975
Grafikhuset, Futura, Stockholm, 1977
Galerie Jivo, Vanersborg, 1977
Galerie L’Orangerie, Cologne, 1978
Les Cordeliers, Chateauroux, 1978
Galerie Herve Odermatt, Paris, 1980
Galerie Vallen, Stockholm, 1982
Galerie Sagot-Le Garrec, Paris 1982
Galerie Tamenaga, Tokyo, 1982
Galerie Vision Nouvelle, Tokyo,Nagoya,Osaka, 1982
Moscow. 1984
Galerie Tamenaga, Paris, 1985, 1988, 1999
Hotel New Otani, Osaka, realisation de peintures murales, 1985
Vision Nouvelle, Tokyo, 1988
Musee New Otani, Tokyo, 1996
Galerie Lee Tapei, 1997
Sariat, 1998
Centre culturel de Thionville, 1999
Brantome retrospective, 2000
Chateau de Vascoeuil, 2000
Orangerie du Domaine de Madame Elisabeth, Versailles, 2001