Jean-Pierre Cassigneul

(b. 1935)








Jean-Pierre Cassigneul was born July 13, 1935, in Paris. He is a Painter, lithographer, engraver, illustrator; known for his Portraits, figures, nudes, flowers, fruit, murals and designs for tapestries. Jean-Pierre Cassigneul studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and went on to exhibit in various group exhibitions, including the Salon d’ Automne in Paris (of which he was member), the Salon de la Jeune Peinture, and Meubles Tabeaux (Furniture-Paintings), an exhibition held in 1977 at the Centre Beau Bourg, where he showed a piece of occasional furniture in the Louis XIV manner, the doors and sides of, which were decorated with female figures.

He exhibited solo as of 1952, on a regular basis in France but also in New York, and Tokyo. Cassigneul is known for his charming and extremely popular Van Dongen-influenced paintings of women in floral hats, complete with frequent allusions to other aspects of the Années Folles. Jean-Pierre Cassigneul has confirmed the authenticity of this painting.