Jean Kevorkian

(b. 1933)


Born in France in 1933, Jean Kevorkian is a modern day French Impressionist who is perfecting the art of the 19th century Impressionist.

 As a landscape location painter, he paints autumn and winter scenes of the Seine an Oise. His subjects include lush green fields, quaint, seemingly forgotten villages with church spires, and pure rivers and streams that reflect tall, shimmering trees. Almost immediately noticeable in his work are his influences, particularly the hazy blue skies and cumulus clouds that pervade his canvases, and which are the trademark of Monet’s works. There is also evidence of a glaring effect in the brush strokes, reminiscent of Pissarro that gives painterly dimensions to his pieces.

The artist’s impressionistic use of pastel colors to communicate both light and the mood of his subjects enables Kevorkian to achieve the renaissance style portrayed by the French Impressionist School.

Prizes and Awards

  • Les Prix de Peinture-Medaille-Salon de sur Marne
  • Prix des Provences Francais-Medaille de Bronze-Coubevoie
  • Les Prix Concours sur Nature-Chaton
  • Prix Ile de France-Medaille-Salon Ile de France-Bourg la Reine
  • 3 em Prix concours sur Nature-Cupe-Paris 16
  • Prix de L’association-Medaille-Salon de Beaux Arts des Gobelins
  • Prix de la Ville de Pontoise-Medaille-Salon des Arts
  • 2 em Prix-Coupe-Biennale de Peinture et Sculpture-Brest


  • Exposition personelle-Saint Male
  • Exposition personelle-Kremlin-Bicetre
  • Exposition personelle-Douarnenez (Finistere)
  • Exposition personelle-Chateaudren (Cote du Nord)