Colette Privat

(b. 1935)








Born outside of Paris-France in 1935, Colette Privat did not embark on her painting career until after accomplishing her studies at the École d’Arts. Her education and artistic ability brought her renown and prominence as the “Peintre de la Réalité”. For recognition as an outstanding artist, her works were received at the prestigious salon Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts in 1991. At that time, her exhibits from the galleries in Paris to the galleries of Japan, made her an artist of great demand. Colette Privat’s impeccable floral paintings embody both a sense of tradition in the simplicity of the arrangement and a breath of life and freshness in the delicacy and softness of the brushstroke. The background of her paintings shows a master’s hand at color, as well, with the shadowy blend of light and dark as well as perspective and placement. Ms. Privat exemplifies an overall quality in her floral paintings that have undoubtedly captured art collectors worldwide.

Expositions solo:

  • Genève: Galerie des Chadronniers
  • Paris: Galerie d’art Ror Volmar
  • Cannes: Galerie Katia Granoff
  • Barcelona: Galerie Maite Munoz
  • Tunis: Herif Fine Art Galerie
  • Monte Cralo: Galerie Hotel de Paris
  • Sidi Bous Said: Cherif Fine Art
  • Paris: Galerie Eocene
  • Hossegor: Le Galerie

Expositions de groupe:

  • Les Peintre de las Rochelle, Galerie l’Hote 1951
  • Palm Beach, Wally Findlay 1986
  • Nice, 1er Grand Prix International D’Arts Plastiques 1989
  • Japan, l’École de Paris 1990
  • Paris, Salon Societe National des Beaux Arts 1991
  • Nice, Grand Prix International D’Arts Plastiques 1991
  • Montpellier, Galerie de L’ecusson 1992